Table 4

Finnish strategy to reduce health inequalities (2008–2011)*

Overall target‘To cut mortality inequalities between different vocational and educational groupings by one-fifth by the year 2015’
PoliciesGeneral social policies
  • poverty reduction (eg, raising benefits)

  • comprehensive schools (eg, health checks)

  • health promotion at vocational schools

  • support at transition from school to work

  • support for unemployed to get back into paid work

  • develop workplace health promotion

  • reduce homelessness

Influencing lifestyles through policy
  • reduce excessive drinking (eg, raise alcohol taxation)

  • reduce smoking (eg, raise tobacco taxation)

  • promote healthy diet and exercise (eg, work meals)

Social welfare and healthcare
  • develop social work and primary healthcare

  • develop day care and child welfare clinics

  • develop rehabilitation for people at working age

  • services to support working ability of unemployed

  • equal services for older people

  • developing immigrant services

Implementation strategy
  • Collaborative work within national government

  • Delegation of specific policies to municipalities

  • Voluntary participation of non-governmental organisations, businesses, etc

  • No intermediate targets, no quantified commitments, no targeted budget

  • Comprehensive monitoring programme

  • * Source: National Action Plan to Reduce Health Inequalities 2008–2011.7