Table 5

Change in body mass index in men (18 years to recruitment) and mean levels of cardiovascular risk factors at recruitment

Fifth of change in body mass index (kg/m2) Insulin* (geometric mean)
Total triglyceride (geometric mean) (mmol/l) Glucose* (mmol/l) Diastolic blood pressure
(mm Hg)
Systolic blood pressure (mm Hg) HDL cholesterol (mmol/l) Total cholesterol (mmol/l)
−10.5 to +0.864.021.234.70851351.196.01
0.87 to 2.844.741.424.74871411.136.24
2.85 to 4.535.801.554.86891411.126.26
4.54 to 6.636.431.764.85891421.096.32
6.64 to 25.48.551.975.08931451.056.26
Mean increase per fifth of change in body mass index, expressed in SD units for each risk factor0.−0.100.05
  • All between group comparisons were highly significant (p<0.001 by one way analysis of variance) as were tests for linear trend.*Diabetics (defined by clinical history or by glucose ⩾7.8 mmol/l) excluded from insulin and glucose analyses. Evidence of departure from linear trend (p<0.05).