Table 4

Association (OR; 95% CI) between demographic characteristics and cardiovascular risk factors with self reporting of high blood pressure among those true positive and true negative cases of high blood pressure: definite and possible cases, EPIC-Murcia cohort

Subjects with medical record of HBP or true hypertensivesSubjects without medical record of HBP or true normotensives
Total (n=85)HBP self report (n=54)OR95% CITotal (n=163)No HBP self report (n=149)OR95% CI
Age group
 ⩾5541291.840.68, 4.9945390.470.13, 1.77
 women71494.011.04, 16.81331200.320.01, 2.30
Level of education
 less than primary schooling6847195841
 primary schooling or higher1770.310.09, 1.0568652.840.71, 16.39
Current smoker
 ever1780.430.13, 1.4153491.230.33, 5.62
Current alcohol drinker
 some58371.040.36, 2.951321232.630.63, 9.55
Body mass index
 overweight36201.000.17, 5.5378710.710.11, 3.31
 obese40292.110.35, 11.7739350.610.08, 3.89
Previous conditions4-150
 cardiovascular14124.140.82, 40.301461352.630.42, 11.63
 diabetes16132.960.71, 17.471541423.380.31, 20.46
  • 4-150 Cardiovascular: myocardial infarction, stroke, angina, other cerebrovascular.