Table 3

Sensitivity, specificity, positive, negative predictive values and κ score for self informed diagnosis of high blood pressure according to the diagnosis criteria, demographic characteristics and cardiovascular risk factors. EPIC-Murcia cohort

Sensitivity Specificity PV+ PV− κ κ 95% CI
Diagnosis criteria
 definite cases72.790.778.787.50.650.53, 0.76
 possible cases31.695.885.763.90.290.05, 0.53
 all cases63.591.479.482.80.580.47, 0.69
Demographic and lifestyle characteristics
 men35.796.783.376.30.380.10, 0.67
 women69., 0.73
age group
 <5556.893.275.885.30.540.39, 0.69
 ⩾5570.786.782.976.50.580.41, 0.75
level of education
 less than primary schooling69.188.381.079.80.590.46, 0.71
 primary schooling or higher41.295.670.086.70.430.18, 0.69
current smoker
 never67.790.982.182.00.610.48, 0.73
 ever47.192.566.784.50.440.19, 0.69
alcohol drinker
 any amount63.083.977.372.20.470.25, 0.70
 none63.893.280.485.40.600.48, 0.73
body mass index
 normal55.693.562.591.50.510.20, 0.83
 overweight55.691., 0.67
 obese72.589.787.976.10.620.45, 0.79
previous conditions
 cardiovascular* 85.782.480.087.50.680.42, 0.94
 diabetes81.377.886.770.00.580.25, 0.91
  • PV+: positive predictive value; PV−: negative predictive value; 95% CI: 95% confidence intervals for κ. *Cardiovascular: myocardial infarction, stroke, angina, other cerebrovascular.