Table 2

What happened? ‘Departmental commitments’ in the 2003 ‘Program for Action,’* their relevance to the targets and their achievement

‘Departmental commitments’ExamplesBudget (2004–2007)Direct relevance for life-expectancy targetDirect relevance for infant-mortality targetCommitments mostly met (2007)
Maternal and child healthSure Start, childcare, Welfare Food Scheme>£2 billionNoYesYes
Improving life chances childrenMental health, sports facilities, education>£2 billionNoNoYes
Reducing teenage pregnancySex education, care accessNot specifiedNoYesYes
Engaging communitiesNeighbourhood Renewal, homelessness reduction>£1.5 billionNoNoYes
PreventionSmoking cessation, 5 A Day, injury preventionNot specifiedYesNoYes
Primary careFacilities, breast cancer screening, flu immunisation>£1 billionYesNoYes
Effective treatmentAccess to cancer services, access to coronary-heart-disease services>£0.5 billionNoNoYes
Underlying determinantsChild poverty, fuel poverty, Pathways to Work>£15.5 billionNoNoYes
  • * Source: Tackling Health Inequalities: A Program for Action.10

  • A ‘>’ sign indicates that amounts exclude commitments for which no budget was specified.

  • Source: Tackling Health Inequalities: 2007 Status Report of the Program for Action.11