Table 2

Importance of different change strategies to medical practice2-150

Rank each one of the following strategies according to the importance you attach to them, that is, their potential influence in changing your way of handling a given health problem. (1 = the most important one; 9 = the least important one)
Attendance at training courses, reading articles and reports1.951.951.68
Establishment of a self developed protocol written by the health centre's professionals3.273.261.64
Discussion with other colleagues on the way of handling patients with a given health problem3.553.551.59
Feedback from patients treated for a given problem4.524.511.76
Assessment and quality control strategies4.634.622.11
Establishment of a protocol coming from higher levels5.055.052.00
Patients' demands6.946.931.76
Existence of financial incentives7.447.431.83
Information provided by pharmaceutical companies' visitors7.657.641.59
  • 2-150 Mid-ranges (Friedman test), mean (SD). Items grouped in every cell do not show statistically significant differences between them, but present them in connection with the other cells.