Table 1

Distribution of independent variables (n=519)1-150

Mean SD
Age (years of age reached)39.36.95
Years of professional activity11.86.70
Years practising in the Primary Care Team4.062.79
 No of patients per day39.414.6
 Time spent with every patient (min)6.954.24
No of physicians practising in the health centre11.24.36
Time spent interacting with colleagues (work meeting with the
health centre's colleagues); (mean, scale 0 to 10 hours per month)
Continuing education in the health centre
 Clinical sessions3.53.07
 Bibliographical sessions (mean, scale 0 to 10 hours per month)3.73.17
Employment situation
Health Service
 SAS (Andalusian Regional Health Authority)56.5%
 Insalud (Madrid Regional Health Authority)43.5%
Postgraduate training
 Residency (MIR)44%
 No MIR56%
Health centre authorised to provide training
 Residency (MIR)39%
 Social work16%
Time spent on open surgeries (workload)
 Less than 3 hours per week33.3%
 Between 3–4 hours per week44.5%
 More than 4 hours per week22.2%
Time spent on appointment-based clinics (workload)
 Less than 1 hour per week18.0%
 Between 1–2 hours per week58.9%
 More than 3 hours per week23.1%
  • 1-150 Mean, standard deviation and percentages.