Table 1

Description of individual and occupational risk factors

Men (n=368)Women (n=357)
Age (y)
Height (m)
BMI (kg/m2)
Smoking status
 Ex smoker5515.1287.9
PWB score
 ⩾3 problems6317.97622.8
Educational level
Occupational groups
 Office workers12935.015844.3
 Hospital workers164.413738.4
 Warehouse workers21458.1
 Airport registration workers92.56217.3
Pulling or pushing heavy loads
 Once a week or less21658.724668.9
 More than once a week15241.311131.1
Carrying heavy loads
 Once a week or less16444.620156.3
 More than once a week20455.415643.7
 Never or seldom21458.231688.5
 Often or everyday15441.84111.5
Trunk rotations
 Never or seldom17748.112133.9
 Often or everyday19151.923666.1
Bending posture
 Never or seldom14739.914239.8
 Often or everyday22160.121560.2