Table 4

Estimated probabilities of not reporting income based on a logistic model that included age, occupation and main income source as explanatory variables4-150

OccupationMain income sourceAge group
 ProfessionalsOwn business or partnership0.180.240.28
 White collarOwn business or partnership0.150.200.24
 Blue collarOwn business or partnership0.160.210.25
 ProfessionalsWages or salary0.060.080.10
 White collarWages or salary0.050.060.08
 Blue collarWages or salary0.050.070.08
 ProfessionalsOwn business or partnership0.190.270.38
 White collarOwn business or partnership0.170.250.36
 Blue collarOwn business or partnership0.110.170.26
 ProfessionalsWages or salary0.060.090.14
 White collarWages or salary0.050.080.13
 Blue collarWages or salary0.030.050.09
  • 4-150 Separate models were specified for men and women.