Table 1

Cohort studies

Authors Setting Inclusion Sample size Length of follow up (y) Adjustments
Kauhanen J,et al 1997Kuopio town and rural communities, FinlandNon-abstinent men aged 42–60 years2 1606.7 (mean)Age and total alcohol consumption
Kozarevic D, et al 1982Bosnia and CroatiaMen aged 35–6211 0347Smoking, blood pressure, age, education, serum cholesterol, liver size, quetelet index
Rosengren A, et al 1987Göteborg, SwedenMen aged 47–559 69011.8 (mean)Previously shown that " . . .association [is] independent of age, smoking, systolic blood pressure and serum cholesterol”
Rossnow I and Amundsen A 1997NorwayMale conscripts aged 18–19 years41 39940No adjustment for confounding
Dyer AR,et al 1977ChicagoWhite male industrial workers aged 40–55 years with no CHD1 23315Age, diastolic blood pressure, serum cholesterol, smoking, weight, heart rate
Poikolainen K,et al 1983FinlandRandom stratified sample of males who purchase alcohol2 07612Age and marital status