33 e-Letters

published between 2013 and 2016

  • Present self-reported physical activity and objective physical activity in the future
    Tomoyuki Kawada

    Hamer et al. conducted a 13-year longitudinal study on the predictive ability of self-reported physical activity on physical activity measured by accelerometers (1). Participants were 394 healthy men and women aged 54 years on average. They concluded that the habits of physical activity in adulthood are partly tracked into older age. About their attractive report, I have several concerns on their statistical outcomes....

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  • Traffic Pollution may Increase Testosterone which may Increase Preeclampsia
    James M. Howard

    "Traffic-related pollution," especially diesel combustion produced, may be shown to increase testosterone. It is my hypothesis that increased maternal testosterone increases preeclampsia (http://anthropogeny.com/Incresing%20Testosterone%20and%20Preeclampsia.htm ).

    I suggest the findings of Pereira, et al., may be explained by increased maternal testosterone.

    Conflict of Interest:

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  • Family meals boost children's 5 A Day
    C Albert Yeung

    We all know eating together as a family can boost conversation, foster closeness and encourage healthy ways with food. However, a 2011 survey of 1354 people for the insurance firm Cornish Mutual found 48% of British households do not share a meal every day. [1]

    This study shows that by having a family dinner together it can increase children's daily fruit and vegetable intake to reach the 5 A Day target. It rei...

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