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  • Glossary: a medium to define public health
    Catherine Enero

    As a new grad, I found the idea of adding a glossary section to your journal to be insightful and encouraging. Just from an operational standpoint alone, it will allow both researchers and readers to clarify meanings of certain phenomena, variables, and terms used as building blocks for hypotheses, research questions, and theoretical frameworks. This tool will also provide means to elucidate nuances...

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  • Cardiovascular deaths and binge drinking
    Martin Bobak
    Dear Editor,

    The review by Britton and McKee(1) asserts a general causal relationship between episodes of high dose alcohol intake (binge drinking) and cardiovascular deaths, based on universal physiological mechanisms. They claim that this causal relationship explains the dramatic fluctuations in cardiovascular deaths in Russia and (less dramatic ones) in Poland. We could not agree more that an assessment of the patte...

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