PAHO election: needs experience not curriculum!

Camilo Torres, Professor/Researcher,
September 13, 2002

Dear Editor

The forthcoming election at PAHO ia a very serious matter. The Latin American countries have passed, or are passing, through very hard times: Mexico (Tequilla crisis), Colombia (Drugs and civil war) Argentina (Economic crisis) etc. and the near future will be the most difficult in relation to the expected social demands. Public Health should be prepared to face important challenges.

Therefore, it is not time for a innexperient young professional, like Mr Sepulveda, to try out some "new ïdeas". By the way, when we read his statements we only see old and traditional approachs! This is not what we need.

And it is said that he will use the advisors of the "World Bank" and "Harvard" friends to tell him what to do! We had enough of them already with disastrous results.

On the other side, the Argentinian candidate has an real impressive curriculum and "gras root experience": worked in our caribbean setting for several years, at the Epidemiological Center in Trinidad and Tobago, in Dominican Republic and also in Bolivia. In the last few years she has coordinated the cooperation of PAHO with the countries and have done a very good job under dificult circumstances and minimal resources. She is honest, transparent and a real team builder!

We expect our Ministers of Health to do the right thing. Dr Roses is the person for this job at this time.

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