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Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the workforce: from psychological distress to the Great Resignation
  1. Gabriela Ksinan Jiskrova
  1. Recetox, Masaryk University Faculty of Science, Brno, Czech Republic
  1. Correspondence to Dr Gabriela Ksinan Jiskrova, Recetox, Masaryk University Faculty of Science, Brno, Czech Republic; gabriela.ksinanova{at}

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The COVID-19 pandemic resulted not only in the increased morbidity and mortality due to the virus but also in significant health, lifestyle, economic and societal changes. After the 2 years of the pandemic, there is a consensus that the mental health of the populations has been adversely affected, albeit to a varying degree in different demographic groups.1 One of the important predictors of mental health difficulties has been a disruption of employment and income loss associated with country-wide lockdowns and restrictions. Previous research has focused particularly on the situation of healthcare workers. The demands of treating COVID-19 patients lead to significant levels of stress, burnout and symptoms of depression and anxiety among this group.2 However, workers in other sectors also experienced significant increases in psychological distress. Among the most affected were workers in professional and technical industries, hospitality, customer service, small employers and self-employed as well as female workers.

The groups of workers that have experienced the largest increases in psychological distress share several characteristics. First, they were employed in …

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