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P08 The psychosocial determinants of quality of life in breast cancer survivors: a scoping review
  1. MG Culbertson1,
  2. KB Bennett1,
  3. CK Kelly2,
  4. LS Sharp3,
  5. CC Cahir1
  1. 1Division of Population Health Sciences, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin 2, Ireland
  2. 2Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin 1, Ireland and Cancer Trials, Ireland
  3. 3Population Health Sciences Institute, Newcastle University Centre for Cancer, Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK


Background Breast cancer care today involves state-of-the-art biomedical treatment but can fail to address the broader psychosocial and quality-of-life (QoL) issues associated with the transition to breast cancer survivorship. This scoping review examines the evidence on the influence of psychosocial determinants on QoL in breast cancer survivors.

Methods Scoping review methodology was used to: (1) identify the research question(s); (2) identify relevant studies; (3) undertake study selection; (4) extract data; (5) collate, summarise and report the results.

Results A total of 34 studies met the inclusion criteria. The majority of studies were conducted in the US (n=23, 68%) and were mainly cross-sectional (n=27, 79%). Sixteen psychosocial determinants of QoL were identified. Social support (n=16, 47%), depression (n=7, 21%) and future appraisal and perspective (n=7, 21%) were the most frequently investigated determinants. Eighteen different QoL measures were used. A range of different measurement tools were also used per psychosocial determinant (weighted average=6). The 16 studies that measured the influence of social support on QoL employed 11 different measures of social support and 10 different measures of QoL. In general, across all 34 studies, a higher level of a positive influence and a lower level of a negative influence of a psychosocial determinant was associated with a better QoL e.g. higher social support and lower levels of depression were associated with a higher/better QoL. For some determinants such as spirituality and coping skills the influence on QoL varied, but these determinants were less commonly investigated.

Conclusion Consensus around measures of QoL and psychological determinants would be valuable and would enable research to determine the influence of psychosocial determinants on QoL adequately. Research in other healthcare settings beyond the US is required, in order to understand the influence of organisation and follow-up clinical and supportive care on psychosocial determinants and QoL and to improve the quality of care in breast cancer survivors.

  • breast cancer
  • survivors
  • quality of life
  • scoping review

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