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Sincere thanks to the following colleagues for their assessment of the submitted abstracts:

Tasnime Akbaraly, Inka Barnett, David Batty, Nick Black, Georgia Black, Elizabeth Breeze, Annie Britton, Eric Brunner, Noriko Cable, Simon Capewell, Sudha Chandrashekar, Jo Coster, Bonnie Cundill, Jessica Datta, Spiros Denaxas, Geoff Der, Alexis Elbaz, Stefanie Ettelt, Adam Fletcher, Catharine Gale, Julie George, Mark Gilthorpe, Oliver Groene, Ipek Gurol, Gareth Hagger-Johnson, Shakoor Hajat, James Hargreaves, Lorelei Jones, Mark Kelly, Cecile Knai, Sari Kovats, David Lawrence, Helena Legido-Quigley, Alastair Leyland, Joelle Mak, Punam Mangtani, Nicholas Mays, Gerry McCartney, Martin McKee, Jenny Mindell, Kiran Nanchahal, Jenny Neuburger, Dermott O’Reilly, Juan Pablo-Casas, Anne Peasey, Stephen Peckham, Mark Pennington, Christina Petsoulas, Ros Plowman, Bernd Rechel, Karen Rees, Erica Richardson, Beverly Roberts, Caitlin Shannon, Jessica Sheringham, Martin Shipley, Liam Smeeth, Manos Stamatakis, Peter Tennant, Margaret Thorogood, Jan van der Meulen, Andrew Wallace, Martin White, and Sarah Willis.

We are very grateful to the following colleagues for proofreading.

Abstracts for oral presentation: David Batty (lead), Sophie Bostock, Annie Britton, Eric Brunner, Catherine Calvin, Catharine Gale, Gareth Hagger-Johnson, Emma Rawlins, Beverly Roberts, Tom Russ, Alison Teyhan.

Abstracts for poster presentation: Helena Legido-Quigley.

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