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SP6-69 A study of reported sickness pattern of air passengers at Indian airports
  1. B K Singh
  1. Airports Authority of India, New Delhi, South East Asia, India


There are 58 million air passengers using 125 airports in India in 2009–2010. Out of which 58% are in domestic sector 42% in international sector. There is no centralised data of morbidity of air travellers. Air passengers request for medical assistance are given free help at all airports managed by AAI. Other 7 joint venture airports charge for medical assistance.

Method Records of Air passenger asking for help their disposal has been analysed for year 2009.

Result Pattern is one reported sick passenger per 23 000 in international travel and 1 in 44 000 in domestic sector. Most of passengers (50%) of reported sickness were seen in departure in domestic while arrival cases (55%) were more in international sector. 10% cases were sent to hospitals for opinion and treatment. There were 67 non-schedule landing due to medical reasons at all airports. There were three emergency landing due to disruptive air passenger in Indian Sky. There were 12 deaths at airports. On analysing symptoms Diarrhoea, Giddiness, Chest pain, Choking, Fits, earache, toothache, bleeding from natural orifices, minor injuries, accidents, others. Gender wise males were more. Age wise middle and geriatric age group asked for medical help.

Cause Probably Nomadic Stress Complex and tolerance limit played some role.

Conclusion Air travel morbidity pattern is not fully known till date. A need for Tele Medicine for international air passengers is felt. A proper protocol for handling disruptive air passenger at airports/in sky is felt especially for international citizen.

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