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SP6-62 “PRECISE-a model of community participation in child injury prevention in Bangladesh, implication for other low income country”
  1. K Ul Baset1,2,
  2. S M Saidur Rahman1,
  3. A Rahman1,
  4. A K M Fazlur Rahman1,
  5. E Towner2
  1. 1Centre for Injury Prevention and Research Bangladesh (CIPRB), Dhaka, Bangladesh
  2. 2University of the West of England, Bristol, UK


Introduction Community participation is an important component of a community based health intervention especially in designing, implementing and sustainability issue. A model of community participation was developed and practiced in child injury prevention project PRECISE (Prevention of Child Injury through Social Intervention) in Bangladesh.

Objective To describe the process of development and role of community groups in injury prevention project in Bangladesh.

Methods Behavioral change issues act as a major factor in injury prevention initiatives so community participation was identified as one of the guiding principle in PRECISE. Village was identified as unit for developing a community group in PRECISE. Prior to develop group 100 people were invited in a meeting; magnitude and consequences of injury and prevention issues were discussed. Discussion also took place how the community people can contribute in injury prevention. After that a 7–10 members Village Injury Prevention committee (VIPC) was formed by the community people. All of the members voluntarily expressed their interest to work for community.

Results 389 VIPC formed and each of the committee has 30% is female representative. Committee members meet in every month to reviewing present functional status and previous month implementation status of injury prevention initiatives in their village. In the meeting they identify their individual and group responsibilities and set plan of action accordingly. PRECISE has a regular program for the capacity development of the members.

Conclusion PRECISE was found as an effective child injury prevention program in Bangladesh and community participation have a significant contribution in this program.

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