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SP6-58 Determinants of Village Health Volunteer's behaviour on recording and reporting diarrhoea cases in Temanggung district, 2010
  1. D Ramadhoni
  1. Field Epidemiology Training Program, Bekasi, Indonesia


Introduction Diarrhoea is the second biggest disease in top ten diseases in primary healthcare in Temanggung. Monitoring diarrhoea is one of Village Health Volunteer's Integrated Service Pos duty. This research aimed to achieve determinants (age, education, occupation, duration of occupation, marriage's status, knowledge, attitude, facilities, training, outbreak, information) of Village Health Volunteer's behaviour for recording and reporting diarrhoea's cases.

Methods Design of this research is cross sectional. Population is Village Health Volunteer in Temanggung District. Sample size is 208 Village Health Volunteers. The data were collected by interviewing respondents with using questionnaire.

Results Most of Village Health Volunteers have bad behaviour in recording & reporting diarrhoea's cases (57.69%). The study results show that factors associated with village health volunteers are education background (OR 2.189, 95% CI 1.177 to 4.073), occupation (OR 2.474, 95% CI 1.356 to 4.514), training (OR 0.119, 95% CI 0.024 to 0.585), and knowledge (OR 1.895, 95% CI 1.043 to 3.442).

Conclusions Determinants of village health behaviour in recording and reporting diarrhoea cases are education, occupation, knowledge, and training. District Health office is recommended to hold a training with respect to education background. Education and occupation should be considered in village health volunteer's recruitment.

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