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SP6-52 Teaching of epidemiology in Russia. History and modernity
  1. N Briko,
  2. T Sokolova,
  3. N Torchinsky
  1. First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M. Sechenov, Moscow, Russia


Epidemiology for a long time was inseparable from clinical medicine. In the 18-19th centuries selected issues of epidemiology were taught in the departments of fundamental medicine, and therapeutic departments of the Russian Imperial Universities. Systematic teaching of epidemiology began in the late 19th century at Universities of St. Petersburg and Moscow. Teaching of epidemiology as a distinct discipline began in 1920 when the Medical Institute of Odessa opened one of the first in the world Department of Epidemiology. In the thirties in the Soviet Union were organised the Health and Sanitation departments, which were prepared epidemiologists and hygienists. Soviet epidemiology paid great attention to the epidemiology of infectious diseases. Within a short period there had been significant advances in the fight against smallpox, typhus, tuberculosis and malaria. In the last decade of 20th century began a new stage in the development of epidemiology in Russia. The basic principles of epidemiology as fundamental medical science were formulated, and it was reflected in the teaching of epidemiology in Medical Schools. In accordance with educational standards of 2011 important role devoted to the population-based approach on the study of infectious and non-communicable diseases, to the organisation of epidemiological studies and implementing evidence-based medicine. The cooperation between Russian Universities with Universities in Europe can be achieved real successes in teaching epidemiology in modern period.

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