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4.5 Preventing chronic disease locally and globally: delivery of prevention intervention via the Supercourse
O4-5.2 Teaching about chronic diseases in Mexico through the Latin American Supercourse
  1. N Padilla1,
  2. F Linkov2,
  3. E Shubnikov3,
  4. R LaPorte2
  1. 1Campus Celaya Salvatierra University of Guanajuato, Spain
  2. 2University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  3. 3Institute of Internal Medicine, Russia, Russian Federation


The Global Health Network Supercourse project was launched in late 1990's with the main objective to empower public health teachers around the world by providing to them with up to date scientific PowerPoint lectures. Parent Supercourse has over 50 000 faculty members from 174 countries and a library of over 4700 lectures. In order to reach out to faculty members in Spanish speaking countries, Latin American Supercourse has been launched, featuring parent Supercourse lectures and their Spanish translations.

Google analytics® has been used to evaluate the number of hits for the parent Supercourse vs Latin American Supercourse. Basic statistics have been used to compare the scores between parent Supercourse and Latin American Supercourse. Using Google analytics®, from 10 June 2009 to 10 June 2010, it has been discovered that parent Supercourse had 257 403 unique visits at the home website. The lectures in English were the most popular, followed by Spanish lectures.

Latin American Supercourse was launched over 3 years ago, with more than 500 lectures translated into Spanish and 30 000 access to the main webpage. Latin American Supercourse has over 1000 active members that receive newsletters and updates on monthly basis.

Success of the Latin American Supercourse is very encouraging. It demonstrates that Spanish language lectures are needed and widely used. Further development and evaluation of the Latin American Supercourse project will be the next step of this important endeavour.

  • Chronic disease
  • Supercourse
  • internet
  • global health

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