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SP5-32 Risk profile for transmission of Mycobacterium ulcerans in Akuapem South and Suhum Kraboa-Coaltar, Ghana
  1. E Kenu1,
  2. R Adanu1,
  3. O Razum2,
  4. F Binka1
  1. 1University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana
  2. 2University of Bielefield, Bielefield, Germany


Introduction Buruli ulcer (BU) disease is a chronic debilitating skin disease caused by Mycobacterium Ulcerans. The ulcer can be so extensive that it affects daily activities of the person affected, ulcers can heal and lead to disfiguring of the part of the body involved. Ghana is one of the countries in the West-Africa that buruli ulcer affects. Among the districts, our study area is affected. Unfortunately the exact way of getting the disease is not known. Our study set out to determine risk profile for transmission of M Ulcerans.

Methods We conducted a case-control study with Spatial mapping, a case was defined as any person aged 2 years or more who resides in the Suhum-Kraboa-Coaltar and Akuapem South districts diagnosed of Buruli ulcer meeting the WHO clinical case definition for M ulcerans disease and a control is without the disease. We carried out active case search throughout all the communities in the study area (yet to finish) and took geographical positioning system (GPS) co-ordinates of the cases and control as well as significant features of the environment. Culture samples of the cases will be tested to show the various haplotypes.

Results So far 50 cases and controls have been identified. GPS maps generated shows areas where buruli ulcer is most prevalent and its relation to the Densu River.

Conclusion Our preliminary findings show that there is clustering of cases of buruli ulcer. Haplotypes of the various cases are yet to be done to throw more light on the mode of transmission.

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