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Neglected conditions
SP5-29 Cardiovascular risk factors among Santal population in Bangladesh
  1. K Fatema1,
  2. N Islam1,
  3. L Ali1
  1. 1Bangladesh Institute of Health Sciences, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  2. 2Dinajpur Medical College, Dinajpur, Bangladesh


Introduction In Bangladesh tribal race constitutes <1% and among them Santals is the oldest and largest ethnic group. Data on risk factors of CVDs in Bangladesh, specially from tribal, are virtually non-existent. The present study was undertaken to explore the anthropometric and clinical risk factors among the Santal in Bangladesh.

Methods A total of 316 Santal participants (135 male and 181 female, aged ≥20 years) were screened through camps from the northwestern part of Bangladesh. Sociodemographic, anthropometric and clinical data were collected and OGTT preformed following WHO guidelines.

Results The age (M±SD) of the subjects was 39 (±11) years, BMI 18.7±2.8; WHR 0.85±0.17. Using BMI for Asian 61.3% found underweight of whom 35%, 12% and 14% were in chronic energy deficiency stage I, II and III respectively; for WHR females were in risk (70%) which not corresponding with male (within range 94%). Among males & females alcohol habits (≥3 serves/day) had 93% and 64%; prevalence of hypertension were 15.6% and 7.2%; dyslipidemia 49% and 29% respectively. Males had high (77%) smoking habits. The prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes among the participants were 4.4% and 11.1%. Hypertension showed significant association with age, chol, LDL and dyslipidemea with BMI, 2HBG and SBP on logistic regression analysis (p<0.05).

Conclusion A substantial number of Santals are still suffering from underweight. All kind of RR are less among Santal comparing with the existing increased pattern of CVDs risk in Bangladesh, focussed attention need to reduce smoking and alcohol consumption.

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