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Neglected conditions
SP5-22 The assessment of contraceptive methods following the 2009 Padang earthquake
  1. D Djafri
  1. Faculty of Medicine, Andalas University, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia


Introduction The earthquake that hit Padang West Sumatra, Indonesia on 30 September 2009, extremely devastating one, registering 7.6-magnitude on the Richter scale. The destruction of health infrastructure and the displacement of population following the earthquake have increased the need of support with regard to the reproductive healthcare services in all health facilities. On the other hand, it has been demonstrated that providing reproductive health services is pivotal and especially to improving family planning during the earthquake.

Methods A community health center-based study was conducted to assess and examine the methods of contraception used contraception used before and within 1 year after the 2009 Padang earthquake. In total, 550 married women aged 15–49 years old participated.

Results The study found difference in the utilisation of contraceptive methods before and after the earthquake. Within 1 year of the earthquake, use of condom significantly increased after the earthquake and the percentage of participants who used injections and implants tended to decrease. When compared before and after the earthquake, availability, affordability and acceptability of services in access to family planning services showed significantly affected by the earthquake.

Conclusion The earthquake affected to access in the utilisation of contraceptive methods. Availability, affordability and acceptability of services in access to family planning services were important to improving family planning during the earthquake situation.

  • Contraception
  • contraceptive methods
  • reproductive health services
  • disaster
  • earthquake

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