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Global health
SP4-8 Health hazard due to exposure of pesticide in Dabaliapara area of Barpeta district, Assam, India
  1. R Hazarika,
  2. J Das,
  3. S Das,
  4. K Misra,
  5. L Dey
  1. M C College, Barpeta, Barpeta, Assam, India


Introduction Health hazards due to extensive use of pesticides (organochlorine (OC) and organophosphate (OP)) is obvious in the third world countries. Therefore to ensure the safety of workers in the field, health surveillance is required. OC and OP pesticides used in the field mainly consist of aldine, BHC, dimethe, phosphomedon, endosulfan, melathion, carbofluron.

Methods and Materials The present study was undertaken among the field workers in the Katazar area of Barpeta District who were employed in the handling of pesticides. Exposed agricultural workers were studied alongside100 control workers who were not spraying pesticides. Age, Sex and Blood pressure were measured in both group. Toxic symptoms were recorded including neurological and gastrointestinal disease.

Results Most of the farmers suffered from excessive sweating (41.3%, RR=1.65), burning of the eyes (41.3%, RR=1.65), excessive salivation (10.0%, RR=1.66), fatigue (18%, RR=1.86), dizziness (25.5%, RR=1.45), muscle weakness (9.3%, RR=1.12), blurred vision (11.3%, RR=0.96), and chest pain (9.3%, RR=0.97).

Conclusion The application of safety measures, public awareness and training of the farmers about the safe handling of pesticide along with the use of protective devices are suggested. In addition, the possible use of comparatively less toxic pesticides specifically in place of melathion, phosphomedon and BHC are suggested. The use of carcinoogenic pesticides and cancer rates among the workers in area is a further concern and area for future study.

  • OC and OP
  • pesticide-health
  • hazard-risk assessment

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