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Epidemiology and policy
SP3-53 Changes in the number of oral health-related quality of life impacts in elderly people
  1. F Andrade,
  2. M L Lebrão,
  3. J Santos,
  4. Y Duarte
  1. University of São Paulo, São Paulo/São Paulo, Brazil


Objectives The aim of this study was to evaluate the pattern of changes in the number of oral-health-related-quality of life (OHRQoL) impacts and investigate its relationship with self-reported oral health measurements in a sample of community-dwelling elderly from São Paulo-Brazil.

Methods The sample consisted of 747, 65 and older people, enrolled in the Health, Well-being and Ageing cohort-study. OHRQoL negative-impacts were measured using the General Oral Health Index-GOHAI and calculated as the number of items reported as “always” or “often.” Self-reported oral health measurements included: number of teeth lost and use of prosthesis. Changes scores were calculated by subtracting the number of impacts at baseline from the impacts at follow-up. A positive change score indicates an increment in the number of impacts, a negative score indicates a decrement and a change score of zero represents no change. Multinomial logistic regression analysis was used, estimating values for OR and a 95% CI. A design effect correction was made using the Stata survey command to analyse data coming from complex samples.

Results Most people had no change in the number of impacts and 21.80% had a decrement. Increment was related with tooth loss ≥16 (OR 1.74), use of dental prosthesis (OR 0.54), schooling ≤3 years (OR 1.65) and age (OR 1.03). Decrement was associated with tooth loss ≥16 (OR 2.61), use of dental prosthesis (OR 0.52).

Conclusion Changes in OHRQoL impacts were significantly related with the number of teeth lost and use of prosthesis even after controlling for socioeconomic factors.

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