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Chronic disease
SP1-110 Lung cancer incidence and trends in Setif, Algeria between 1986 and 2008
  1. Z Zoubida1,
  2. M Abdehak2,
  3. L Slimane1,
  4. A Djemal3,
  5. M Hamdi Cherif1
  1. 1Cancer registry of Setif, University hospital of Setif, Setif, Algeria
  2. 2Department of pulmonary medicine, University hospital of Setif, Setif, Algeria
  3. 3Anatomopathology Department, University hospital of Setif, Setif, Algeria


Background Lung cancer is the most frequent malignant neoplasm among men in most countries and represents the most important cause of cancer death worldwide, it accounts for an estimated 960 000 new cases and 850 000 deaths each year among men. In most populations, tobacco smoking accounts for 80% or more lung cancers. This study was designed to provide up-dated incidence figures for lung cancer in Setif at the period 1986–2008 adjusting for the effect of age, sex, and period of diagnosis and the geographical distribution of lung cancer at the national international level.

Material and Method Cancer registry represents a data source, the software used is the Can Reg 4 produced by the unit of descriptive epidemiology of the International Agency for Research on Cancer IARC, Lyon. France.

Results There were 188 cases of lung cancer registered during 2006–2008 representing 16.8% of all cases among males. Incidence was highest among 80–85 age group with 122/100 000 followed by men in 85–90 with 45, 5/100 000 for men. The median age at diagnosis was 65–69 age group. The age-standardised rates increase from 11.7 to 23, 8 per 100 000 men these 2 decades.

Conclusion Between 1986 and 2008, the study showed a large change in the cancer burden both quantitatively and qualitatively. This evolution was due to demographic changes and an increase in the risk factors of cancer during this period 1986–2008.

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  • incidence
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  • trend

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