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Chronic disease
SP1-69 Blood pressure and obesity in Emirati children and adolescents
  1. S Shah,
  2. F Al Maskari,
  3. A Al Mehairi,
  4. S Al Muhairi,
  5. M Al Naqbi,
  6. A Al Khouri
  1. UAE University, AL AIN, United Arab Emirates


Objectives Although obesity is fast increasing, there are few data on the prevalence of high-normal or elevated blood pressure in United Arab Emirates.

Methods We conducted a school-based survey of a representative sample of youth (n=1524) aged 12 to 18 years in Al Ain, UAE. BP measurements were made with a manual sphygmomanometer by trained nurses. Additional measures included height, weight, and abdominal circumference. BMI ≥85th and ≥95th percentiles were used to define overweight and obesity according to the 2000 CDC growth charts. The prevalence of “high normal” and “elevated” BP was assessed by comparing the subjects' SBP and DBP with age-, gender-, and height-specific 90th and 95th percentile reference values from the National High Blood Pressure Education Program.

Results A high proportion of Emirati children and adolescents (21%) were obese compared to their non-local counterparts (16%). Among study children 6% had elevated blood pressure. A high proportion (19.1%) of obese children had elevated blood pressure compared to those who were overweight (4.8%) and normal (2.1%).

Conclusion The present findings emphasise the importance of the prevention of obesity in order to prevent future cardiovascular related problem such as hypertension.

  • Body mass index
  • blood pressure
  • overweight
  • obesity

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