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Chronic disease
SP1-64 A cohort study about the association between metabolic syndrome and FTO genetic polymorphism in a Japanese worker population
  1. T Kishimoto,
  2. Y Osaki,
  3. A Tahara,
  4. M Nagai,
  5. T Kawajiri
  1. Division of Environmental and Preventive Medicine, Department of Social Medicine, Faculty of medicine, Tottori University, Yonago, Japan


Introduction The association between the fat-mass and obesity-associated (FTO) genetic polymorphism and the metabolic syndrome (MS) has been suggested by genome-wide association study. We reviewed it using a retrospective cohort study to determine the association between FTO genetic polymorphism and MS in a Japanese worker population.

Methods In the employees of a certain business institution of Shimane Prefecture, subjects were parsons who were without MS at a health examination of 1998 and continued the health examination from 1998 to 2006. We identified three SNPs of the FTO gene of each subject as rs9939609, rsll21980 and rsl558902. For the diagnostic criteria of the MS, we adopted National Cholesterol Education Program-Adult Treatment Panel III (NCEP- ATP III) proposed in 2001. However, we used Body Mass Index 25.0 or more as obese criteria in substitution for abdominal circumference. The number of the subjects was 859 people. The mean observation period was 7.1 years.

Results The HR of TA+AA for TT of FT0 genetic polymorphism rs9939609 for the MS incidence adjusted in sex, age, a lifestyle (alcohol consumption, smoking, exercise, satisfaction of the sleep, a diet balance) was 1.48 (95% CI 1.08 to 2.02); the HR of GA+AA for GG of rs1121980: 1.60 (95% CI 1.18 to 2.19); the HR of TA+AA for TT of rsl558902: 1.41 (95% CI 1.04 to 1.92).

Conclusion These results suggested that FTO genetic polymorphism may associate the MS incidence by NCEP-ATP III criteria in the Japanese worker population.

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