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Chronic disease
SP1-55 Weqaya: a whole population cardiovascular screening programme in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  1. C Hajat,
  2. O Harrison,
  3. Z Al Siksek
  1. Department of Public Health & Research, Health Authority Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Introduction Data have shown the UAE to have high rates of cardiovascular disease but the risk factor burden remained poorly studied. This study describes the baseline cardiovascular risk profile of the National population of Abu Dhabi.

Methods Adults aged 18 years or over were screened using self-reported indicators, anthropometric measures and blood tests in primary care.

Results The study included 50 138 subjects. Mean age (SD) was 36.82 (14.30) years with 21 663 (43%) males and 28 474 (57%) females. Numbers and crude prevalence rates were for obesity 17 556 (35%), overweight 15 823 (32%), central obesity 27 480 (55%), diabetes 8528 (18%), pre-diabetes 13 127 (27%), dyslipidaemia 21 655 (44%) and hypertension 11 377 (23.1%). Smoking rates were 5570 (26%) in males and 221 (0.8%) in females. Age-standardised rates for diabetes and pre-diabetes were 11 792 (25%) and 14 158 (30%), obesity and overweight were 19 711 (41%) and 16 298 (34%). Family history of premature cardiovascular disease was independently associated with a past history of cardiovascular disease with an OR of 5.34 (95% CI 3.79 to 7.52).

Conclusion This population-wide cardiovascular screening programme in the Middle East has demonstrated a very high cardiovascular burden for this small and young population. The data form a baseline against which progress is monitored for the population-wide Abu Dhabi Cardiovascular Disease Programme.

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