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Chronic disease
SP1-50 Current status update on non-communicable diseases in Bangladesh
  1. S Talukder1,
  2. S H Khan1,
  3. N Karim2
  1. 1Eminence, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  2. 2WHO, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Background There is increasing evidence to suggest that the epidemiologic transition is well underway in Bangladesh and many of the low and middle income countries are facing a dual burden, with a huge load of infectious diseases and an increasing burden due to NCDs.

Objectives The objective of this paper is to describe the current status of NCDs in Bangladesh and policy guidelines in regarding the issue.

Methods This paper has been prepared based on literature review and content analysis. Relevant full articles (both academic and popular), abstracts and reports within the context of Bangladesh were reviewed from relevant journals.

Results In Bangladesh around 12.5% of all deaths are caused due to various types of cardiovascular diseases among 27.6% death due to NCDs. The prevalence of hypertension is reported as around 12% and the prevalence of diabetes in urban area is double (10%) than rural area (5%). The prevalence of COPD (≥30 years) is 3% among general population and 6% for inpatients of medical college. Last 5 years government of Bangladesh has spent 950.07 lac BDT through HNPSP for NCD, in which arsenic program got more than 70% of the budget and WHO 5.53 lac USD for last 2 years to develop different policy, guideline and risk factor survey.

Conclusions As a developing country, in Bangladesh, addressing NCDs happens to be a multifaceted challenge. Appropriate strategies under high level political commitment and necessary funding as a part of the integrated development and health agenda of Bangladesh are essential.

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