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Chronic disease
SP1-26 Neighbourhoods and central obesity in a Brazilian population-based study: a multilevel analysis
  1. I C M de Freitas,
  2. S A de Moraes
  1. University of São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil


Objectives To estimate conicity index (CI) means and correlates.

Methods Cross-sectional population-based epidemiological study using three-stage cluster sampling. The variability introduced in the third sampling fraction was corrected by attributing equal weights to the number of eligible units in each domicile, resulting in a weighted sample of 2197 participants aged 30 years and older, living in the urban area of Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil, in 2006. Multilevel linear regression model was fitted to estimate βs (individual level) and intra-regions variance (ecological level) considering 81 census tracts nested in four neighbourhoods (central-south, west, east, and north), and the conicity index as the outcome.

Results The crude CI means were higher in male (1.25) than in female (1.18). In final model, age (b=0.003), family history of stroke (b=0.008), BMI (b=0.005), number of medicines taken (b=0.004), years of smoking (b=0.001), alcohol dependence (b=0.011), and diet for weight loss (b=0.015) were positively associated with CI. Gender (b=−0.07), healthcare (b=−0.011), and consumption of MUFAs (b=−0.001) were inversely associated. The fraction of variance due to regions (ρ) was 14.1%. In both gender, CI adjusted means were high for nutritional status, smoking, alcohol dependence, and consumption of MUFAs, mainly in north and east regions.

Conclusion The results depicted the contribution of the ecological level to the conicity index, pointing out the role of correlates liable to intervention, which should be taken into account in planning prevention strategies, even considering that Ribeirão Preto city has been classified in the upper levels of Human Development Index.

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