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Chronic disease
SP1-17 Influence of physical activity intensity on anthropometric index and serum uric acid concentration in people with obesity
  1. Y Nishida1,
  2. M Iyadomi2,
  3. Y Higaki3,
  4. H Tanaka3,
  5. M Hara1,
  6. K Tanaka1
  1. 1Department of Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Saga University, Saga, Japan
  2. 2SUMCO Corporation, Saga, Japan
  3. 3Laboratory of Exercise Physiology, Faculty of Health and Sports Science, Fukuoka University, Fukuoka, Japan


Introduction Physical activity (PA) is considered important in the prevention and treatment of obesity and hyperuricemia. However, scarce evidence exists regarding the influence of PA intensity on anthropometric indices and serum uric acid in people with obesity.

Methods We sampled middle-aged men with obesity and/or abdominal obesity who were employees in silicon wafer manufacture and participated in a health check-up. We examined PA using an uniaxial accelerometer, as well as measuring aerobic fitness using an electric bicycle ergometer. PA was defined as light- [(<3 metabolic equivalents (METs)), moderate (3–6 METs), and vigorous (>6 METs). Overall METs calculated by adding the time spent at each intensity levels.

Results 71 mean took part, mean age 47.2±4.4 years. Aerobic fitness index of lactate threshold was inversely correlated with uric acid (r=−0.26, p=0.033), but this became non-significant after adjustment for potential confounding factors (age, BMI, drinking). Light-intensity PA was inversely associated with BMI and waist circumference, even after adjustment for age and drinking (BMI β=−0.543, p=0.023; waist circumference β=−1.333, p=0.016). Both light and vigorous intensity PAs were not related to uric acid level, whereas moderate intensity PA was inversely correlated with the circulating uric acid and this remained significant, even after adjustment for age, BMI, and drinking (β=−0.222, p=0.036).

Conclusion The present results suggest that light intensity PA may have an important role in weight control while greater moderate-intensity PA may be associated with lower uric acid concentration in individuals with obesity.

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