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Neglected conditions
P2-531 A comparative study of factors affecting psychological well-being of urban and rural adolescents
  1. V Nagaraja,
  2. M A Khan,
  3. G Bhat
  1. Mysore Medical College and Research Institute, Mysore, Karnataka, India


Aims and Objectives We have limited studies and data allowing us a bleak tunnel vision into the world of adolescent mental health. A comparative study was initiated to have a better understanding of the determinants affecting adolescent psychological well-being. Methodology: In Mysore District, India, 319 adolescents 16–18 yr, were from urban and rural 11th and 12th grades. A structured questionnaire based on the “General Psychological well being scale” was used.

Results No significant difference in the scores of urban and rural adolescents [v2=1.12, df=3, p>0.05]. Economic backwardness positively correlates with the psychological stress in adolescents [v2=9.15, df=3, p<0.05]. In grade 2, 64% reported difficulty in concentration compared to 10% in grade 5. [v2=47.01, df=2, p<0.001]. There was no significant gender difference in the psychological score [v2=1.44, df=1, p>0.05].

Conclusions Our study shows that there is no significant influence of urban and rural residence or gender on the psychological health of the adolescents. We conclude that the economic constraints on the adolescents were associated with lower psychological health. Lower psychological health is associated with decreased concentrating ability and thereby scholastic performance.

Recommendations The study also shows how a rapid screening technique can be incorporated into school health screening camps thereby enabling us to integrate mental health screening at an early stage into mainstream. The policies towards betterment of adolescent mental health should be directed towards their economic and academic needs than their areas of residence or gender.

  • Psychological health
  • adolescents
  • urban and rural

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