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Neglected conditions
P2-521 Assessment of available infrastructure for maintenance of hygiene in poultry butchers' shops for healthy meat production in Bihar, India
  1. R Kumar
  1. IDSP, Pauri, Uttarakhand, India


Introduction Infrastructure of a butcher shop is important in maintaining meat hygiene and preventing the meat as vehicle for zoonotic and infectious diseases. The objective of the study was to assess the infrastructure available to poultry butchers for maintenance of meat hygiene.

Methods Two poultry meat shops were randomly selected from each of the 57 wards of Patna city. Their infrastructural details were obtained by observing the shop and activities involved for one hour by principal investigator.

Results Among total 113 shops studied (One is missing), 35 (31%) shops were in open space. 106 (93.8%) shops were located in market areas. Only 30 (26.5%) shops have availability of adequate quantity of potable water supply. Only one shop have hot water supply. 9 (8%) facilities have disinfectant and 20 (17.7%) of them have soaps in the shop at the time of study. 71 (68%) of shops have adequate light supply and detergent been presented in their shops. Only 61 (54%) and 26 (23%) of butchers have given opinion to be cleanliness of setting and equipments for hygienic meat production respectively.

Conclusion Infrastructure available for poultry butchering was very much inadequate in most of the shops. There is imminent need of provision of strict regulation for maintaining good infrastructure and education to butchers about hygienic meat production to protect all meat borne diseases and associated occupational hazards.

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