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Neglected conditions
P2-507 Prevalence and factors associated to geohelminth infections in children living in municipalities with low HDI in Brazil
  1. E O L Fonseca,
  2. M G Teixeira,
  3. E H Carmo,
  4. M L Barreto,
  5. M D C N Costa
  1. Federal University of Bahia, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil


Introduction The high magnitude and wide geographic distribution of parasitic infections, coupled with the negative impact that may cause the human body given to these infections have an important position among the major health problems of the population especially in developing countries. The objective of this study is to describe the occurrence of geohelminth in children of the north-northeast Brazil and to identify environmental and socioeconomic risk factors. Methods Coprologic surveys were carried out to estimate the prevalence of geohelminth infections among in children in 10 Brazilians municipalities with low Human Development Indexes. Socioeconomic and environmental data were obtained from the children's parents or guardians, and fecal samples were examined. The proportion of geohelminth infections according variables of interest was calculated. Risk factors were evaluated using multilevel logistic regression. Of the 2523 children studied, 36.5% were affected by one or more geohelminths (Ascaris lumbricoides: 25.1%; hookworm: 15.3%; Trichuris trichiura: 12.2%). The overall frequency of geohelminth infections was 45.7% in rural areas and 32.2% in urban areas. Low family income (OR=1.75; 1.38–2.23), low maternal education level (OR=1.69; 1.39–2.06), presence of garbage near the home (OR=1.50; 1.22–1.84) and an increased number of individuals in the household (OR=1.41; 1.17–1.71) were associated with infection.

Conclusion The geohelminth infections were strongly related with socioeconomic conditions, stressing the importance of public interventions targeted to improve life conditions as part of its sustainable prevention.

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