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Global problems
P2-440 Organisational and health factors among workers and their supervisors in export processing zones in the Philippines
  1. J L Lu
  1. National Institutes of Health, University of the Philippines Manila, Manila, The Philippines


Introduction We investigated the relationship between organisational/management factors at work with health factors in the manufacturing sector.

Materials and Methods A survey was undertaken in 23 establishments, including 630 workers, and 47 supervisors. In addition, 10 focus group discussions (FGDs) for workers, and 5 FGDs for supervisors were undertaken.

Results Workers and supervisors both reported illnesses and job dissatisfaction. The survey found that the most prevalent issues among workers were: the need to upgrade skills (76.3%), feeling pressured in doing work (60.5%), fast paced work (60.5%), repetitive work (63%), and that work is both physically and mentally tiring (59.7%). Among supervisors the issues raised included: work described as challenging and stimulating (66%), needing regular upgrading of skills (46.8%), and needing literature on information technology (31.9%). Focus group discussions showed that workers and supervisors were confronted with stress, fast-paced work, the need to upgrade skills in order to accommodate new information technology into the work production, fatigue, re-engineering and downsizing by management, low job control and difficult worker-supervisor relationship.

Conclusions This study was able to show that health of workers and supervisors is affected by both organisational and management factors at work.

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