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Global problems
P2-392 Risk factors for diabetes and prediabetes
  1. T Dzebisashvili
  1. Moscow regional research clinical institute of M.F.Vladimirsky, Moscow, Russia


Aim To estimate risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes (T2D), impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), impaired fasting glucose (IFG) and combination IGT+IFG.

Material and Methods A population-based screening for glucose metabolism impairments using standard 2-h OGTT among 2508 adults in Moscow County was conducted. BMI, waist circumference (WC), systolic and diastolic blood pressure were estimated. Lipids (total, LDL, fasting triglycerides (TG)) measurements were performed among 661 persons. Also participants fill forms about other risk factors. RR of T2D, IFG, IGT and unstandardised regression coefficient (B) was calculated using Cox-regression analysis SPSS V.13.0 (adjusted for BMI and age). RR was considered significant if confidential interval was not included 1 and p≤0.05.

Results Risk factors for T2DM and prediabetes was age, BMI, systolic blood pressure. Also risk factors for T2DM was ischaemic heart disease, family history of diabetes, alcohol consumption, diastolic blood pressure (DBP), waist circumference (WS), raised triglycerides, reduced smoking (B=−0.374, p=0.032). Risk factors for IGT was DBP, oral contraceptives. Risk factors only for IFG was physical inactivity, gender. Risk factors for IGT+IFG was budget, DBP, WS in men.

Conclusions Risk factors for prediabets are the same as those for T2DM, this findings suggest that common pathophisiogical basis underlies the two diseases.

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