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Chronic disease
P2-326 Comparison of urban diabetics with optimal and suboptimal control
  1. M Pinidiyapathirage1,
  2. T Warnakulasuriya1,
  3. A Kasturiratne1,
  4. U Ranawaka1,
  5. D Gunasekera1,
  6. N Wijekoon1,
  7. K Medagoda1,
  8. S Perera1,
  9. F Takeuchi2,
  10. N Kato2,
  11. A Wickremasinghe1
  1. 1Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya, Ragama, Sri Lanka
  2. 2Department of Gene Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Research Institute, National Center for Global health and Medicine, Tokyo, Japan


Introduction The prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus in Sri Lanka is increasing. We describe the characteristics of patients with optimal and suboptimal control of diabetes among known diabetics in a 35–64-year-old urban population resident in the Ragama Medical Officer of Health (Ragama MOH) area of Sri Lanka.

Methods A cross sectional study was conducted among 2986 randomly selected 35–64 year olds in the Ragama MOH area from January to September 2007. A detailed history was taken and participants were subjected to a physical examination and assay of fasting blood glucose and HbA1C. A HBA1C <6.5 was taken as evidence of optimal control.

Results There were 474 persons (194 males and 280 females) who gave a past history of diabetes. 9 males and 9 females were not on any treatment. 27 persons (9 males and 18 females) were on insulin. Of the 474 diabetics, 113 (48 males and 65 females) had a HbA1c <6.5. The average fasting blood glucose of diabetics with optimal control was 120+21 mg/dl. The mean fasting blood glucose level of the 361 subjects with sub optimal control was 190+70 mg/dl. Optimal glycaemic control was not associated with alcohol intake, smoking, obesity, central obesity and low physical activity levels.

Conclusions Most known diabetics had access to treatment but only approximately 25% were optimally treated. The need to optimally manage these patients is highlighted.

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