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Chronic disease
P2-107 Thyroid cancer in the Arkhangelsk region, Russia in 2000–2009: epidemiology and survival
  1. N Glukhareva1,
  2. M Valkov2,
  3. A Grjibovski3,4
  1. 1International School of Public Health, Northern State Medical University, Arkhangelsk, Russia
  2. 2Department of Radiology and Radiation Oncology with course of Clinical Oncology, Northern State Medical University, Arkhangelsk, Russia
  3. 3Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo, Norway
  4. 4Institute of Community Medicine, University of Tromsø, Tromsø, Norway


Introduction The aim of the study is to assess the incidence of thyroid cancer in the Arkhangelsk region, Northwest Russia in 2000–2009 and to study factors influencing survival.

Methods All incident cases of thyroid cancer (C73) in the Arkhangelsk region in 2000–2009 as well as information about deaths were extracted from the regional cancer registry. Population size was obtained from the Regional Bureau of Statistics. Incidence and mortality were calculated per 100 000. Survival was analysed using Kaplan–Meier curves with log rank tests.

Results Altogether, 529 new cases of thyroid cancer occurred in the region during the study period. Females comprised 82.8% of cases. Papillary carcinoma, follicular carcinoma and other forms was found in 56.3%, 27.7% and 21.9% of patients, respectively. Stages 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 were diagnosed in 1.1%, 58.0%, 16.4%, 13.2%, and 11.0% of patients respectively. The incidence increased from 4.3 in 2000 to 4.7 in 2009. Mortality decreased from 0.42 in 2000 to 0.24 in 2009. By 2010, 50 (9.5%) died from thyroid cancer and 33 (6.2%) were censored. Mean overall survival was 108 (95% CI 105 to 111) months. Males, patients aged 45+ years and those having stages 3–4 had significantly lower survival than the reference groups (all at p<0.001). Average survival time for patients with papillary, follicular and other morphology types was 117, 107 and 83 months, respectively (p<0.001).

Conclusions Incidence of thyroid cancer in Arkhangelsk region of Russia slightly increased while the mortality decreased. Age, stage, morphology and gender were all associated with survival.

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