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P1-539 Alcohol use among adolescents in Guadalajara, Mexico: patterns and associated factors
  1. M G Vega-Lopez,
  2. G J Gonzalez-perez,
  3. C E Cabrera-pivaral
  1. University of guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico


Introduction This study describes the characteristics of alcohol consumption among adolescents in Guadalajara, Mexico and identifies factors associated with alcohol use.

Methods A multistage random sample, representative of the student population at the secondary level in public schools in Guadalajara, Mexico, during 2009–2010 was designed. It included seven high schools and 716 students, aged between 11 and 16. Multivariate analysis was conducted using a logistic regression model, to identify the association between socioeconomic factors and alcohol intake.

Results 61% of students reported having ever consumed alcohol, and almost a third had their first alcohol consumption before age 11. A quarter of those who currently use alcohol consume four drinks or more. 5% of students admit to having come to school on occasion under the influence of alcohol. Factors such as being beaten by parents or older siblings or to be a woman are significantly associated to alcohol consumption.

Conclusions The main factors associated with alcohol consumption among students are gender and family dynamics. Being a woman increases 40% probability of consuming alcoholic beverages but being a victim of domestic violence increased by more than 50% probability to consume alcohol. Although the social imaginary are believed to friends who lead the teenagers to drink alcohol, the results show that it is in the family environment where the initial phase of experimentation is developed.

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