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P1-509 Study aetiology of lactation failure in neonatal affected by hypernatremic dehydration: a case control study
  1. S Salarilak1,
  2. Z Fakour2,
  3. H Zanjani1
  1. 1Islamic Azad University, Tabriz Branch, Tabriz, East Azerbijan, Iran
  2. 2Urmia Medical University, Urmia, West Azerbijan, Iran


Background Inadequate milk supply in exclusively breastfed neonates can lead to neonatal hypernatremic dehydration in the first week of life. Identification of causes of lactation failure can help to find susceptible neonates and to find suitable ways for reducing the incidence of this complication. The aim of this study was to determine causes of insufficiency of breast milk in neonates with hypernatremic dehydration.

Methods In a case control study possible maternal risk factors of lactation failure in 25 term infants who were admitted to the hospital for hypernatremic dehydration compared with a control group, 50 healthy full term neonates were selected. They were matched through data collection with interview, examination and filling questionnaire methods.

Results In this study the mean age of mothers with dehydrated cases in comparison with control group was less and the difference was statistically significant. Mean while mothers of dehydrated group had a high level of education, with high first experience of pregnancy, and had an unusual modes of delivery. In this group mothers had a low level knowledge in lactation and also anatomical problems of breast.

Conclusion Hypernatremic dehydration is a common preventable threat to exclusively breastfed neonates. Because of existence of multiple causes for occurrence of this event. The best way for prevention is meticulous observation of breastfeeding in the first few days of life. Until with advent of breastfeeding problem.

  • Breastfeeding
  • lactation failure
  • neonates
  • hypernatremic dehydration

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