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P1-475 Psycho-social factors and legal status of mtp services: A basic hindrance for acceptance of services in rural area of Central India
  1. A Mudey,
  2. M Khapre,
  3. V Wagh,
  4. R Goyal
  1. Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Sawangi (Meghe), Wardha, Maharashtra, India


Introduction Approximately 46 million abortions were performed worldwide in 1995. Of these, about 26 million were legal and 20 million illegal. There is a great paucity on status of knowledge of community regarding MTP and mainly from rural area. So the present study was carried out in rural area to highlight some reasons for under-utilisation of MTP service.

Methods Study was carried in a PHC, attached to tertiary care rural teaching hospital consisting of ten villages with total population of 14 722. Sample size calculated on basis of findings in pilot study. After systematic random sampling of household, 1271 women gave consent, 113 who undergone safe abortion was identified and both the groups were compared for social, psychological, economic, cognitive and affective factors related to abortion.

Result Young age, marital status, literacy, parity >2, higher social class were significantly associated with abortion service seekers. Significant difference was found in awareness and attitude towards abortion in above two groups. 85% women felt abortion should be accepted socially. 8.8% abortees had made the self decision, 40.7% and 43% got the social and economic support respectively. Pre-counselling done in 37%, while service was not affordable for 35%.

Conclusion Unawareness about the MTP services and its legal status is basic hindrance for acceptance of service along with illiteracy, low socio-economic status, fear of disapproval, lack of privacy and complication related anxiety attached to it. Abortion services are not accessible, affordable to many, and insensitive to women's psychological need.

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