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P1-448 Using a social marketing tool to identify sectors of the UK where lung cancer incidence is highest
  1. B Iyen-Omofoman,
  2. L Tata,
  3. R Hubbard
  1. University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK


Introduction To target lung cancer awareness campaigns and increase earlier ascertainment of disease, there is a need to identify the sectors of society most at risk of developing lung cancer. Using Experian's Mosaic social marketing tool (a consumer classification of all UK households and postcodes into 61 groups and 11 types), we aimed to identify the UK populations with the highest incidence of lung cancer.

Methods All incident cases of lung cancer from 2000 to 2009 in a UK computerised primary care database were identified. Lung cancer incidence rates were stratified by 3-yearly calendar periods, age, sex, socioeconomic status, UK health authority and Mosaic groups and types.

Results A total of 12 135 incident cases of lung cancer were identified. Overall incidence of lung cancer was 41.4 per 100 000 person-years and this increased with increasing deprivation. The highest incidence of lung cancer was in the North-West of England and the lowest rate was in London. The Mosaic types with the highest incidence of lung cancer were F39 (dignified dependency), I48 (old people in flats) and I50 (cared-for pensioners).

Conclusions Using Experian Mosaic's social marketing tool, we have identified wide variations in the incidence of lung cancer, larger than variations by socioeconomic status alone. We have also been able to determine the sectors of UK society and therefore postcodes and neighbourhoods with the highest incidence rates of lung cancer. Application of this knowledge will enable accurate targeting of media campaigns on lung cancer and also aid earlier ascertainment of lung cancer cases.

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