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P1-410 Evaluation of infant mortality risk factors in an Eastern area of Iran; a case-control study- 2009
  1. R Chaman,
  2. P Zolfaghari,
  3. M G Taramsari,
  4. M B Sohrabi
  1. Shahroud University of Medical sciences, Shahroud, Iran


Introduction Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) is one of the most important indicators of community health situation and especially children health status. This study was conducted for determination of IMR risk factors in Shahroud Township (which is located in the east of Iran).

Methods This study was carried out as a Case- Control study and all infant deaths (117 cases) from 2007 to 2009 in Shahroud Township were selected. For each case two controls were entered the study by matching on time and place of birth (234 controls). After data collection of all related variables, data analysis was performed using relevant statistical methods (Univariate and multivariate conditional logistic regression).

Results Univariate analysis of risk factors showed statistical significance (P Value<0.05) between infant mortality and low birth weight (<2500 g) with OR=15.14, prematurity (<37 weeks of gestational age) with OR=9.85 and high risk pregnancy with OR=3.13. Multivariate analysis resulted in significant statistical association (p value<0.05) between infant mortality and low birth weight (OR=8.04) and prematurity (OR=3.51).

Conclusion Based on our findings Low Birth Weight (LBW) and prematurity are the most important risk factors for infant mortality and prevention of these two risk factors will reduce a majority of infant mortalities. Determination of underlying causes of LBW and prematurity needs serious attention of public health investigators.

  • Infant mortality
  • Iran
  • shahroud
  • case-control study

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