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Epidemiology and policy
P1-365 Association of distances to urban green spaces and open sport spaces with physical activity in teenagers of Porto, Portugal
  1. A Magalhães1,2,
  2. E Ramos1,2,
  3. F Pina1,3
  1. 1Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Porto Medical School, Porto, Portugal
  2. 2Institute of Public Health, Porto University, Porto, Portugal
  3. 3Institute of Biomedical Engineering INEB, Porto University, Porto, Portugal


Introduction It is expected that the proximity to urban green spaces (UGS) and open sport spaces (OSS) can increase physical activity (PA), but their potential is not fully understood.

Objective To examine the association between distances from adolescent's residences to UGS and OSS with the intensity of PA and sports activity.

Methods We evaluated 1489 (51.4% girls) 17-year-old adolescents living in Porto, Portugal (EPITeen cohort). Residences were georeferenced. Buffers of 250 m and 500 m around each space were created and distances to residences were classified in ≤250 m (class1), >250 m and ≤500 m (class2) and >500 m (class3). Association between distances to spaces and Intensity of PA (adjusted to BMI, and parents' education) and with sports activity (adjusted to parents' education and obesity) were measured using OR and 95% CI using logistic regression analysis.

Results Considering class1 as reference, in girls the association between distance to UGS and Intensity of PA was 0.99 (0.70;1.42) for class 2 and 0.81 (0.54;1.24) for class 3. Among boys, those results were 0.85 (0.58;1.24) and 0.69 (0.46;1.03), respectively. Regarding the association between distance to OSS and intensity of PA, in girls, was 0.75 (0.50;1.13) for class 2 and 1.14 (0.76;1.71), for class 3. Among boys, those results were 1.30 (0.84;2.01) and 1.38 (0.90;2.11), respectively. Similar results were found between distances to UGS and OSS and sports activity.

Conclusion Adolescents closer to UGS and those most far from OSS were more physically active, although in general no statistically significant association was reached.

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