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Epidemiology and policy
P1-262 Post-mortem infection control in Japan
  1. M Nishiyama,
  2. H Sakuda,
  3. H Kawasaki,
  4. Y Shigematsu,
  5. R Doi,
  6. P D'Angelo,
  7. M Kakehashi
  1. Hiroshima Bunkyo Women's University, Hiroshima, Japan


Introduction Healthcare workers in Japan lack the required level of understanding when dealing with cadavers at home and have the continuous and conflicting problem of balancing traditional, cultural beliefs with providing high quality infection control methods.

Objective The objectives of this research were to clarify the reasons for poor infection control post-mortem and to statistically show the significance of the problem.

Methods In 2006, 4773 participants gave feedback from a questionnaire. Participants were drawn from 13 different types of healthcare. They completed questionnaires about prevention and control of infection from cadavers. Questions covered four main areas: (1) The management of cadavers, (2) The role of nursing staff, (3) The recognition of possible infection from cadavers, (4) The background of nurses.

Results A descriptive analysis showed that the when running a correlation between the “organization type” and the “protocol usage” (frequency of use), the amount of “protocol usage” was only 45%±3%. It also showed that <50% of the participants use a standard set of protocols in the treatment of cadavers and that certain organization types use standard protocols much more than others (correlation, −0.122. sig=p<0.001). The results strongly indicated that “time” & “level of understanding” affected protocol usage.

Conclusion The research shows that this is a significant problem in Japan. As part of our report we have now proposed a detailed and structured set of standardised infection control protocols and a range of educational tools for healthcare workers and families.

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