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Epidemiology and policy
P1-251 Iranian health perception study: a nationwide survey
  1. A Montazeri,
  2. J Sadighi,
  3. F Farzadi,
  4. S Omidvari,
  5. F Maftoon,
  6. A Aeenparast,
  7. K Jahangiri,
  8. M Vahdaninia
  1. Iranian Institute for Health Sciences Research, ACECR, Tehran, Iran


Introduction People's health perception could be important factor in understanding how they think and how they behave. This study thought to assess health perceptions among Iranians inorder to contribute to health policy in Iran.

Methods This was a nationwide cross sectional study. A random sample of individuals aged between 18 and 65 were entered into study. A designed questionnaire containing items on demographic and health-related behaviours (smoking, physical activity, nutrition), chronic diseases, importance of health, self-reported psychosocial and overall health status, and health information was used to collect data. Data were analysed in a descriptive fashion.

Results In all 27 883 individuals were studied. The mean age of respondents was 32.7 (SD=11.8) years. Overall 25.4% were smoker, 53.8% indicated that never or a little did exercise, 52.7% indicated that they were very or very much concerned about their nutrition; 20.1% reported high level of anxiety, 25.6% reported a degree of depression, 30% stated that they did not care about their health, 79.3% reported a relatively high level of relationships with family, relatives and friends, 20.7% reported that they suffer from at least one chronic disease, and 27.9% reported less than good health status. Only 36.7% of the respondents said that they have enough information about health.

Conclusion Considering current healthcare programs in Iran it seems that policy makers should have a better understanding of people's health-related attitudes and behaviours.

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