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Epidemiology and policy
P1-181 Mortality and epidemiological transition in Bangladesh: lessons and experiences to the developing countries in the new millennium
  1. M Islam
  1. University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Background This study aims to examine the stages of mortality and epidemiologic transition in Bangladesh where detailed studies are not well documented but significant decline in fertility and mortality have been achieved at a rather low level of income.

Methods With the application of time-series and cross sectional analyses by using the nationally representative data (Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey, 1993–2007, Sample Vital Registration System, 1981–2007) this study investigates the patterns, levels and trends of mortality and morbidity and the causes of death. Author's own field work-a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods have been referred for disease or health transition at grassroots level.

Results Study shows that the changing pattern of diseases observed over recent years, from acute infectious and deficiency diseases to the chronic non-communicable diseases, is a continuous process of transformation with some diseases disappearing and others appearing or reappearing. Although infectious diseases are still an important public health concern but non-communicable diseases are also coming to the forefront as causes of illness and death, where it is possible to control many communicable diseases.

Conclusion Bangladesh is now entering well into the third phase of mortality transition while the epidemiological transition where the place is taking in between the age of degenerative and manmade diseases followed by the transitional variant of delayed model. This study may help to understand the process of the stated transitions in Bangladesh comparing with other developing countries identifying the changes and challenges to achieve the MDGs and further for appropriate policy options.

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