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Screening: evidence and practice
  1. P Adab

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    A Raffle, M Gray. Published by Oxford University PressOxford 2007 317 £24.95 (paperback) ISBN 978-0-19-921449-5

    What is screening, where did it start, what does it do, how can we measure its success and how do we implement it? These questions and many more are eloquently addressed by Raffle and Gray’s book. The book takes a population perspective to explore the historical context, theoretical aspects and practical approaches and challenges to screening programmes. Each chapter starts with a paragraph setting out the aims, and concludes with a box containing summary points. The main content is written in non-technical language and is brought to life with relevant stories and examples from real case studies. At the end of each chapter there are “test yourself” questions to enhance understanding and practical application.

    The authors present a detailed …

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